Bustin' a Nut

by Scrotum

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released May 10, 2019

John Testicle - sticking his dick in the pitch shifter/drums
Count Dracula - rimjobs
Google Translate - lyrics
Sobriety - fucking


all rights reserved




It counts as music because we did this on purpose

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Track Name: Fuck Sobriety 5: A Good Day To Fuck Sobriety
Yagadamwamaha mwamahama deeper
auto erotic geology butthole stick n poke
holy sack blabbath matban, i’m stoned
holy shit, atoms, chemical bonds
holy shit, where am i?
hat wombat, jiffy beam
but like it moved, like a i can’t I’m not explaining it
it wiggled, like a mushroom
no, not a mushroom
eat the fucking white rocks
sblan blan nlan blan
diarrhea and hot sauce christmas dragon
get more flour, helen! ohhh yeahhh
i could shit myself to this
i don’t smoke pot, man i have a wiping problem
what if i shit mysefl so fat that i have to go to the hospital cuz my anus collapsed
extra ranch koozie with a handle
screaming directly into a medical professional
ebenezer splooge
puff my chode
i fell down the stairs in my underwear
footgrinder bouquet of asses
fartbeat and samples mongolian waffle blaster
and then fuck yourself with the turd
an ouroboros but instead of a snake eating its own tail, its a dude sucking his own dick
dunkelscheit garbleton cockskin boots
drink in a hole, drunk in my closet
this little coagulated fuck
Ralex “it’s ‘General Bitch’” “it’s ‘it’s ‘general, bitch’ not ‘it’s General Bitch’, bitch” Friesen
musical drunken orgy theater concerto for twelve drunk idiots
“I was thinking of doing the hitler thing”
communizox and water it’s not games if it’s just natives
I cut off my dick to make room for more whisky
a spinning fist in your anus
rally’s reverso-briefs: twice the sharting, half the wiping
spray on socks
Bixley! Bixley! You’re so dumb! stick your finger in my bum!
Nabulate chords? Flying bitch
these glasses are orange as fuck
it’s just coke falling out of your scalp
i mean, i don’t wanna wear my shorts on the outside
If i see a newspaper, i teach my ass to read it. oh yes indeed, fuckin A
hfftptthftphtft it’s not gay if its just coke
pee into the shower while you shit into the sink
I have just enough of a buzz to not care what comes out of my butt tomorrow morning

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